What We’re Thinking When Taking Fashion Photos

_MG_9338.jpgFashion is our favourite thing to write about on our blog. We love writing about any new items that we’ve bought or even just showing how we style bits that have been in our wardrobes since we can remember! But being a fashion blogger involves posing in front of the camera and trying to look cool…Something we’re not too good at! Every single time we brave it and step outside of the house to get photos there are certain thoughts that run through our minds. If you’re a fellow fashion blogger we really hope that you can relate to some of them!

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Getting Ready for Florida: Essentials Haul

Florida haul.jpg

As some of you may already know, we’re travelling to America in August for 2 weeks in Florida. This will be the first time we’ve ever gone abroad for a holiday which some people may think is crazy considering we are 21 and 19! Although we have around 3 months until we go, we’re trying to be prepared and buy everything we need early; so we don’t leave it until the last minute! This is our first post in our little series, ‘Getting Ready for Florida’, and today we’re talking you through some of our essentials that we’ve picked up so far.

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May OOTD: Spots VS Stripes


There have been SO many trends lately from embroidery to gingham, but we thought we’d take it back to basics with today’s post. Polka dots and stripes have always been some of our favourite patterns and it seems like they aren’t getting as much attention lately! A few days back the sun actually decided to make an appearance, so we rushed out to take some blog photosΒ as we wanted to show you two different outfits that show how to style both spots and stripes. What side are you on? Do you prefer delicate spotsΒ or bold stripes? Or maybe you’re up for trying all the different trends!

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MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers – NEW SHADES


If you’re a regular here then you will know our love for MUA’s Velvet Lip Lacquers! We’ve been trying to get our hands on the newer shades for so long now and finally we managed to find 4 of the new shades in our local store! We must have spoken about these lip products a 100 times but we thought we’d give you the low down on some of the new shades and show you the ones we picked up!

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Intu Lakeside Student Night Challenge | April 2017


Twice a year one of our local shopping centre (Intu Lakeside) holds a student night, where stores have boosted discounts and there are competitions as well as entertainment all around the centre. We always love to shop and the fact that Intu Lakeside have student events gives us another excuse to go and treat ourselves! We were set a challenge by the guys at Intu Lakeside to find as many bargains as we could using Β£30 worth of gift cards between us, that were kindly gifted to us. We’re never ones to turn down a challenge so here we present to you the bargains that we found!

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April OOTD – Lavish Layers


At the start of the year we made it our goal to post more fashion posts on our blog, as they’re our favourite type of post to write! So here we are with our 5th fashion post of the year, that’s pretty good for us right?! Anyway, it’s now April and the weather here in England is starting to get a little warmer so the jumpers have gone away. That being said there’s still a cool breeze in the air and one way we’ve made sure to stay warm is by layering our clothes. We love the look of layered clothing so we thought we’d show you how we’ve been styling the majority of our clothes lately!

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DIY Creme Eggs!


Every year we bring a new Easter baking post to our blog. This year we decided to create something different to what we normally bake, DIY Creme Eggs! Creme Eggs are an Easter treat loved by many but they’re not around for long enough in our opinions. We definitely feel that they’re too nice to only be around for a few months of the year, so we set ourselves the challenge of creating our own using a recipe we found online, so once the real ones leave us we won’t miss them as much! We’ll hold our hands up, we found making these super challenging and they don’t look that great but hey, they taste good and that’s all that matters!

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